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JEJU No.1 Hanbok Rental Shop

After Miya has spent 15 years in the fashion industry including a major fashion company in Korea, had majored in apparel science, discovered the harmony between  natural scenery of Jeju Island and the beauty of Korean traditional costume, Hanbok.

Unlike the Western-style fusion hanbok some hanbok rental shops has been rented, Miya insists on traditional hanbok, which allows us to feel the natural colors and beauty of Korean clothes. In addition to traditional hanbok made by a leading designer in Korea, Miya also prepared a modern life hanbok, which allows you to feel the unique nature of Jeju Island. She explained it is based on Jeju's nautical miles, is especially well received by Korean tourists.

It also added that it has a variety of Kids Hanbok for parents and children traveling to Jeju Island, and its geographical access is also easy as it is located near Jeju Airport.


T: +82-1068325878


​A: 대한민국, 제주특별자치도 제주시


     용마로4길 15,1층

Whatsapp : +821068325878

Wechat : Xiaoxingxingjeju

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